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Right in the middle of Noto Peninsula which stuck out of the Sea of Japan

There is the sea, and there is mountain, and there is hot spring. Have both city and countries;, in "just right town, seven of them (still), do not begin rich living?

House miyasusa judging from number

We gather information of article from "person, person whom we want to lend who wants to sell" in empty house in Nanao and provide information to "person whom person who wants to buy wants to borrow" empty house from.

We know Nanao including emigration experience tour and seminar in urban area and will tell about event information that we can sense bodily.

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We deliver advantageous information about emigration including empty house information and seminar information.

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Voice of senior immigrant

From people who emigrated to Nanao, we actually asked about stories such as opportunity of emigration or current life.
Blow up image of living in Nanao, of emigration would appreciate your referring to.

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