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Update day: December 12, 2013

Privacy policy

In this site, it deals with collection, the use, management of personal information (privacy) based on "Nanao ordinance of privacy protection" appropriately as follows and acts for the making of homepage that you can use to in peace.

With personal information

We say information that can distinguish address, full name, phone number, authorized individual including E-mail address whom Nanao caught offer through this site.

Collection of personal information

When Nanao collects personal information through this site, we should be offer (registration) of information by intention of user.

In collection of personal information, we state collection purpose clearly.

We perform collection of personal information in range necessary to achieve purpose that we stated clearly.

We set a limit to the use of personal information

We use within the offer (registration) collection purpose that we stated personal information that we had clearly beforehand from everybody. We do not perform offer to person except use more than collection purposes of personal information and enforcement organization at all unless we establish in ordinance of privacy protection.

With "enforcement organization," we say the mayor, the Board of Education, board of elections, checkup committee, agriculture committee, fixed assets evaluation screening committee, fair committee meeting, the mayor performing authority of water supply business manager, hospital business manager, firefighting length, assembly.

Management of personal information

Site webmaster manages personal information that we collected severely and takes appropriate measures against prevention such as leak, unjust diversion, manipulation.


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Fax number: 0767-52-0374

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