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Update day: February 1, 2013

Mobile site

Contents introduction

The following information is placed in mobile site.

  • New event information (What's New, event information)
  • Profile (simple profile of Nanao)
  • City hall contact information
  • Public facilities contact information (list of contact information of city public facilities)
  • Sightseeing information (annual event calendar)
  • Disaster prevention information (contact information such as police station, fire department)
  • Emergency designated hospital (contact information of emergency designated hospital)
  • Holiday on-duty doctor information (contact information of holiday on-duty doctor)
  • Nico Nico sleeps (cable TV nanaono program)

Access method

Portable site QR code

Address (URL) is http://www.city.nanao.lg.jp/mobile/ of three portable equivalence.

We cope with three carrying, but case and indication that image is not displayed may be disturbed with some models. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

We can transmit URL to carrying when we click lower link. If transmission screen of email opens, you input address of carrying, and please transmit.
We send address (URL) to mobile phone

When we refuse the email reception from PC on portable side, we cannot transmit. You cancel, or please directly input URL temporarily.
QR code support model reads upper QR code, and please use.


Position section room: Civic life department public information public hearing section

Sodegaecho, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa i part 25

Phone number 0767-53-8423

Fax number: 0767-52-0374

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