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Update day: February 1, 2013

About this site

 The handling of copyright

Individual information (sentence, photograph, illustration) publishing in Nanao official site becomes a target of copyright. In addition, we become a target of copyright as editing book, and the whole Nanao official site is protected together by Copyright Act, too.

Across range where Copyright Act determines some or all of this site, we forbid reproduction, translation, adaptation, reproduction, publication, sale, thing lending to without permission.

Individual copyright indication applied to the document concerned may be referred to each document in this site. When so is listed in the indication concerned, please be careful as use, copyright mentioned above may be limited.

 The handling of immunity from responsibility

Each document in this site may include technical error and misprint, case that contents are rarely renewed illegally again by a certain malice person.

Nanao takes no responsibility for every damage including poor movement and property-like thing by these documents and shall not perform any security.

We change document in this site without notice, and we move or Nanao may delete. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Please confirm to the homepage person in charge of public information public hearing section if you may seem to be clear mistake and doubt in each document in this site.

 The handling of link

In the website of Nanao, link is basically free. But I decline link from website including contents corresponding to each next item.

  • Page including contents against public order and morals
  • Page including contents considered to criticize person or group regardless of what kind of reason, method even if abstract, and to deteriorate slander, image, and to injure, and not to respect human rights
  • Page including contents which you cannot read the young people or must not read
  • Page including contents which violence (in various meanings), general user including casualties act feel unpleasantness for
  • Vip-off selling and similar thing, page where, also, we roll up another person easily, and profit such as owners of the page concerned includes increasing by recommending moneymaking and profit talk and may cause damage to for the purpose of property of others another person
  • Page including contents which we do not respect privacy of another person or cannot respect
  • Page including contents lacking in other good sense
  • When after having set link, we will include the item mentioned above

About contents of outside website linking to from this site, Nanao does not take any responsibility. In addition, please be careful as address may change other than the top page.


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