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Update day: February 1, 2013

Public relations magazine, homepage advertisement offer

Do you not put an advertisement in public relations magazine (public information still), homepage?

"It is public information, in addition," it is recruiting insertion applicants of "Nanao homepage"

"It is public information, in addition," it recruits individual and business owners hoping for publication of advertisement in "Nanao homepage".

"It is public information, in addition," we issue Part 22500 every month and distribute to all city households and distribute to each prefecture local government or public facilities. In addition, we publish in city homepage.
There is approximately 30,000 access every month, and the unspecified number of person inside and outside the city can see city homepage (top page).
As you can expect effectiveness of advertising, please inflect.

1.Advertising media

Things which we can place advertisement in are as follows.

  1. Is public information; still
  2. City homepage
  3. Is cable TV; still
  4. The mayor admits that it can become brochure which city issues, flyer or other advertising media

2.Range of advertisement

Advertisement that we can place was related to civic life and does not correspond to the next contents.

  1. We might spoil publicity, neutrality such as printed matter of city and dignity
  2. We correspond to business to advocate in law (1948 law 122nd) Article 2 about adequacy of regulation such as business of offering food and entertainment and duties
  3. We are similar to thing about political activity, religious activity or personal advertising or advocacy ad, these advertisement for help or other
  4. It might be against public order and morals
  5. We might give citizen disadvantage
  6. Method of false or exaggerated expression or other indication is infelicity
  7. In addition, the mayor admits that it is not proper as advertisement to place

3.Qualification of insertion person

Thing which we can place advertisement in shall have address or an office in the prefecture.

4.Application method

Until 25th (when 25th is Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays weekdays before it) of the month of publication hope month before last
Please submit application and advertisement manuscript on (e.g.,: in April as for the publication hope until February 25).

Transmission when we submit advertisement manuscript by email: koho@city.nanao.lg.jp

For more details, please see summary about the handling.

5.Position, standard of advertisement, publication period, publication rate


Is public information; still

City homepage

Other advertising media

Publication position

Lower berth part of page that city appoints

Place that city appoints in top page

We establish every advertising media concerned particularly each time. In this case we take making expense of advertising media, expense that is necessary for advertisement offer, rate of resemblance advertisement into consideration, and publication rate is decided.


1 frame
55mm in height X 55mm in width
2 frames
112mm in height X 55mm in width

Banner ad (1 frame)
60 pixels of length
120 pixels of side

Publication period

We assume 1 unit and assume the longest consecutive 12 issues. But it cannot be over the year concerned.

We assume one month unit and do with up to one year. But it cannot be over the year concerned.

Publication offer frame

All 19 frames

All 14 frames

Publication rate

Black 10,000 yen (1 frame)
Black 18,000 yen (2 frames)

Color 20,000 yen (1 frame)

Color 36,000 yen (2 frames)
<annual application 5% discount>

10,000 yen

Is cable TV; still
Paid advertisement form


Broadcast charges

Video broadcast
<limited to completion package jikomi>

Less than 30 seconds

City offices

6,000 yen / week

Suburbs offices

9,000 yen / week

Less than 60 seconds

City offices

9,000 yen / week

Suburbs offices

12,000 yen / week


Less than 20 seconds

City offices

5,000 yen / week

Suburbs offices

8,000 yen / week

Less than 40 seconds

City offices

8,000 yen / week

Suburbs offices

10,000 yen / week

  • It is broadcast, one week 56 times in voluntary broadcast eight times a day


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