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Update day: July 5, 2018

Is public information; still

We place measure and news of city, various information including topic of town and issue once a month on principle 5th and distribute to each household through town assemblies.

Latest issue July, 2018 (Heisei 30) issue

July, 2018 issue cover

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Page Main contents
1-7 pages (PDF: 3,046KB)

New wind to blow into area

If is fine in young power, viewpoint from the outside in area; hope.
We challenge in the local future

  • Sakiyama district X Kyohei Nitta
  • Nakajima district X Tomoko Mototani
  • Takashina district X Kazuma Toda
  • Notojima district X small Yamamoto
Eight or nine pages (PDF: 801KB)
  • To everybody taking out National Health Insurance
  • To everybody taking out medical system for elder senior citizens
  • To National Health Insurance member, latter term members 70 years or older
10, 11 pages (PDF: 483KB)
  • Smile of all
    We introduce activity and event carried out in the city

12, 13 pages (PDF: 1,249KB)

  • Nanao Kashima area security news
    Let's be careful about crimes that aimed at woman!
  • News from firefighting
    Let's check regularly to maintain function of fire alarm for house
  • Is healthy;, in addition, is navigated
    We find diabetic nephropathy, and let's prevent aggravation
  • Shine! nanaono star (Hiroshi Horikawa)

14-19 pages (PDF: 1,230KB)

  • Well-informed person (news and offer of this month)
    News, citizen of the prefecture of student offer that finish eating, and sells offer of exercise promotion shop, official business car that is delicious recommendation reception desk of prize winner of Nanao culture Prize that recruits committees of Nanao culture industry Prize prize winner selection committee to "still carry registration island that is info email" by communication when discovered 2018 Nanao staff employment examination, peace exhibition, 2018 Ishikawa police officer adoption offer, large quantities death of carp and industry Prize, offer of Nanao scenery council committee, the eleventh landscape photo exhibition holding "scenery of Nanao" early in the morning in Tai chi chuan, student attending a lecture offer of founding private supplementary school, discarded things utilization Bank, schedule of identification medical examination, cancer screening by lecture "knee ache, low back pain measures the long-term care prevention" containing tax payment letter of advice shipment of news of Notojima district resources garbage collection point "eko shop" move, change of use burden on long-term care insurance service ratio, the 24th Nanao art writer association exhibition, PV system setting construction cost assistance for housing, news of periodontal disease examination, legal advice holding, the 15th Misogigawa River festival, senryu offer that featured the theme of gender equality society, national health insurance tax, private enterprise lease housing rent furtherance, Open University of Japan all at once revision of disaster prevention drill shake-out Ishikawa enforcement, host family offer, the first Manabu Nanao lecture participant offer, self-defense official offer, Nanao long-term care premium, sewer drainage construction responsible technical manager authorization examination, member of "the ninth" chorus offer, holding of grant briefing session to be useful for the employment, Marine Self Defense Force overuse road support warship "hiuchi" open house, super car particularly display event, Iiyama-shi, Nagano interchange information, Takaoka-shi, Toyama interchange information, Himi-shi, Toyama interchange information
  • nakanotorippu
    Hakui-shi, Shika-machi, Nakanoto-machi, sightseeing, event information of Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho
20, 21 pages (PDF: 1,603KB)
  • Civic consultation
  • Holiday medical care
22, 23 pages (PDF: 1,271KB)
  • Event information
    Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum, Ishikawa Notojima glass Museum, Noto drama temple, notojima aquarium
  • Bookshelf of all
    News of new book and library event
  • Is cable TV;, in addition, is guided 11 channel programs
    News of broadcast schedule and program of this month
24 pages (PDF: 962KB)
  • The 77th Nanao Port Festival
  • Idol of my home
  • Editor's postscript
All pages (PDF: 8,643KB) All pages collective preview

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