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Update day: December 26, 2018

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We place measure and news of city, various information including topic of town and issue once a month on principle 5th and distribute to each household through town assemblies.

Latest issue January, 2019 (Heisei 31) issue

January, 2019 issue cover

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Page Main contents
Page 1 (PDF: 344KB), two or three pages (PDF: 594KB)

The New Year when dream swells out

  • Greetings of fushimashichoshinnen
Four or five pages (PDF: 1,857KB)
  • New Year Nanao sugoroku
Six or seven pages (PDF: 461KB)
  • Smile of all
    We introduce activity and event carried out in the city
Eight or nine pages (PDF: 1,091KB)
  • Nanao Kashima area security news
    Urgent case, accident is ... on the 110th day on the 110th - January 10
  • News from firefighting
    Let's be careful about suffocation accidents with rice cakes
  • Is healthy;, in addition, is navigated
    There is the key to blood sugar improvement for breakfast
  • Shine! nanaono star (Kosuke Michishita)
Ten pages (PDF: 505KB)
  • People nanairo
    We want to spread pleasure of hunting to young generation
    (Ishikawa hunting club Nanao Kashima Branch's deputy branch manager Yasuhisa Yamamoto)

11-15 pages (PDF: 1,116KB)

  • Well-informed person (news and offer of this month)
    To everybody in charge of office salary that final income tax return begins in, as for the use of elderly person breath breath bathing assistance ticket, citizen's assistant surveyor, surveyor examination in hometown Nanao finished turn on Saturday of turn drugstore on allowance for disabled persons of certification for long-term care elderly person, 2019, 2020 Nanao competition preliminary screening of prospective bidders application reception desk start, financial statements, consumption tax reduction tax rate system briefing session holding, the Internet in intellect rou kozasankashaboshu, 2019 on holiday on January 31 in deadline for report of depreciable assets in guidance, 2019 of dementia supporter training lecture until the end of March in final income tax return, legal advice, 2018; pray; child picture contest excellence work decision, discarded things utilization Bank, agriculture committee offer that held Noto-Satoyama-Satoumi museum opening memory symposium, inheritance for free conference, globefish processing qualified person examination preparations class, jobs seminar & individual treatment consultation of welfare, long-term care, concert, experience event in Noto-Satoyama-Satoumi museum January, trainee addition offer in Ishikawa Prefectural Nanao industry technology specialty school 2019 for the 28th Ishikawa Police musical band fixed period, depression family classroom, the 14th Nanao citizen bowling conventionalist offer, Takaoka-shi interchange information, Iiyama-shi interchange information, Himi-shi interchange information
  • nakanotorippu
    Hakui-shi, Shika-machi, Nakanoto-machi, sightseeing, event information of Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho
16, 17 pages (PDF: 1,414KB)
  • Civic consultation
  • Holiday medical care
18, 19 pages (PDF: 1,252KB)
  • Event information
    Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum, Ishikawa Notojima glass Museum, Noto drama temple, notojima aquarium
  • Bookshelf of all
    News of new book and library event
  • Join cable TV
    Does voluntary broadcast of local coherence not enjoy "Nico Nico sleeps"?
20 pages (PDF: 676KB)
  • Scratch Gulf of Nanao Noto; festival
  • Idol of my home
  • Editor's postscript
All pages (PDF: 7,165KB) All pages collective preview

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