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Update day: October 5, 2018

Is public information; still

We place measure and news of city, various information including topic of town and issue once a month on principle 5th and distribute to each household through town assemblies.

Latest issue October, 2018 (Heisei 30) issue

October, 2018 issue cover

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Page 1 (PDF: 355KB), two or three pages (PDF: 1,120KB)

We come to like seven Noto more!

... Noto-Satoyama-Satoumi museum is opening ... soon

  • Look, we touch, and we enjoy, and let's learn!
    Noto-Satoyama-Satoumi museum October 28 opening!
Four or five pages (PDF: 796KB)
  • Bear former festival
Six or seven pages (PDF: 1,309KB)
  • We help daddy and mom during child care from the pregnancy period
    Welcome to child care generation inclusion support center!
Eight or nine pages (PDF: 640KB)
  • Are you all right?
    ... which "there are nine of ten people abnormally", and protects body by ... identification medical examination
10, 11 pages (PDF: 529KB)
  • Smile of all
    We introduce activity and event carried out in the city

12, 13 pages (PDF: 1,898KB)

  • Nanao Kashima area security news
    Local safe exercise national in 2018
    Town of relief to keep up together
  • News from firefighting
    We started navigation of Ishikawa doctor copter
  • Is healthy;, in addition, is navigated
    Relations of diabetes and colon cancer
  • Shine! nanaono star (Misaki Matsui)

14-19 pages (PDF: 1,447KB)

  • Well-informed person (news and offer of this month)
    Let's do safe check of wall made of blocks! Please be careful for wall setting for disk, hammer throw, youth support station Ishikawa business trip conference, child and influenza inoculation, rubella of elderly person, and, lecture about, liver, "emergency actions to be taken of child" lecture, recruitment of municipal house residents, procedure of registration holder of a title deed change of land, house, 2018 fishery census, citizen of the prefecture sign language lecture, discarded things utilization Bank, Nanao official approval 2018, conference, life classroom of hearing, staff of public Noto General Hospital offer, own death bereaved exchange meeting (J exchange meeting), minimum wages of Ishikawa recruit amount of 806 yen, "the 64th Nanao art exhibition" works at time, and let's learn all day long joint administration counselor's office, the yattemiyo ‼ attractive making of place to stay, the thirteenth Nanao citizen health welfare festival, food safety for administrative counseling week on Sunday for legal advice holding, from Monday, October 15 to 21st! The 24th grows in Hokkaido Iburi eastern part earthquake disaster contribution, PV system setting construction cost assistance for house, the garbage processing machine purchase costs furtherance, legal inheritance information certification system, village marathon 2019 entry reception desk in Noto Wakura all ages on sightseeing and product exhibition of Marugame-shi, day of temple of mountain in rice flour cooking class, 2018; garden festival, Himi-shi interchange information, Takaoka-shi interchange information
  • nakanotorippu
    Hakui-shi, Shika-machi, Nakanoto-machi, sightseeing, event information of Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho
20, 21 pages (PDF: 1,423KB)
  • Civic consultation
  • Holiday medical care
22, 23 pages (PDF: 1,230KB)
  • Event information
    Ishikawa Nanao Art Museum, Ishikawa Notojima glass Museum, Noto drama temple, notojima aquarium
  • Bookshelf of all
    News of new book and library event
  • Is cable TV;, in addition, is guided 11 channel programs
24 pages (PDF: 756KB)
  • Notojima contact Festival
    Festival ... of ... meal and culture
  • Idol of my home
  • Editor's postscript
All pages (PDF: 10,141KB) All pages collective preview

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