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Update day: May 10, 2016

Opinion, suggestion to city

We want to let future municipal administration administration reflect concrete idea to municipal administration that we noticed in living and suggestion that Nanao-shi hears "voice" of citizen's all of you widely and promotes livable town development.
We look forward to opinion, suggestion from all of you.

  1. Contents of opinion, suggestion
    Please send forward opinion, suggestion for municipal administration.
  2. Mentions such as the name, contact information
    We may do inquiry of contents from city.
    When answer is necessary, I would like address, full name, phone number, entry of e-mail address (in the case of opinion, suggestion by email).
    It should be reference of municipal administration without replying when there is not entry.
  3. We cannot reply
    • Thing that anonymity and contact information are unclear.
    • When what we replied as thing of contents which we slandered individual and group and slandered, city including thing of contents equal to personal breach of privacy was not suitable, we judged.
    • Do not relate to Nanao-shi, thing about other engines including country, prefecture, other municipalities.
    • Private judgment is enumerated and contents and purpose are uncertain and are lacking in concreteness.
    • Suggestion of the same purpose from the same one.

Flow of correspondence to opinion, suggestion

Opinion, suggestion that had you approach asks bureau concerned to consider and replies.

Suggestion by opinion box mailing

Please mail to "opinion box" installed in Nanao-shi government office central government office synthesis reception desk counter, each community center, each city public hall 22 places of Nakajima, Tazuruhama, Notojima.

Suggestion with mail, fax

〒926-8611 Sodegaecho, Nanao-shi i part 25 address Nanao-shi government office public information public hearing section expectation
Fax 0767-52-2812

Suggestion from homepage

Please input from contribution page of opinion, suggestion to city.


Opinions that you had edit so that individual cannot identify, and please note that you may publish the point at "opinion, suggestion to city" of city homepage.
Answer assumes less than two weeks prospect, but may be late by contents. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
We manage personal information appropriately and may not use for purpose except answer to opinion, suggestion.

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Position section room: Civic life department public information public hearing section

Sodegaecho, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa i part 25

Phone number 0767-53-8423

Fax number: 0767-52-2812

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