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Update day: December 20, 2018

Noto Airport subsidy program (product for citizens)

We issue local gift certificates to citizen using Noto Airport airmail to plan utilization promotion of Noto Airport.

In addition, we promote local promotion by exchanging for local gift certificate and can return use effect of Noto Airport to regional economy.

Thing necessary for application

  1. Seal
  2. Identification card (driver's licenses)
  3. More than two pieces of boarding guidance

Subsidy program for individuals

Furtherance contents

We choose either among two kinds of local gift certificates

  1. Gull gift certificate
  2. rokuhoku area promotion ticket

The number of necessary boarding passes

  • We apply in higher than two pieces of boarding guidance one way
  • Gift certificate and exchange of 2,000 yen per one piece
  • In the case of dwarf (lower than ... primary schoolchild 3 years old or older), we exchange for gift certificate of 1,000 yen

Boarding pass validity

It is less than six months from departure date

Application pertinence person

  • Person who has address in the city.
  • Student who parent has address in the city among people who do not have address in the city, and is in school in the suburbs.

We can apply even for boarding pass except the person if we meet the condition mentioned above.

Reception counter

  • Sightseeing interchange section (the second floor of the central government office)
  • Service counter in the city hall (the community center of Tazuruhama, Nakajima, Notojima district)
  • Citizen's section (Mina.the second floor of the crew)

Subsidy program for groups

Furtherance contents

We support 5,000 yen for one.

Furtherance condition

  • We make a round trip to address in more than ten participants to have Noto Airport in the city and use.
  • In students who are in school in the suburbs, parent has address in Nanao.
  • Under 3 years old are inapplicable. School excursion is inapplicable.
  • Combination with "Nanao fare grant system" (for individual) is impossible.

Application method

For application, bill, results report, boarding pass coming and going

Reception counter

Sightseeing interchange section (the second floor of the central government office)


  1. When the staff of government offices uses in government affairs, the furtherance is not intended.
  2. When you do not have "passenger confirmation" which travel agent issues at the time of application, we can confirm address, and (driver's license or health insurance card) is necessary.
  3. We issue on principle, the same day, but may need constant examination period.


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