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Update day: April 1, 2016

Access to Nanao

The time required may vary according to waiting time of the situation and transfer of road, traffic.

As for the movement in Nanao, please see page of city traffic (bus timetable).

Position of Nanao

From the Tokyo area

(approximately three hours 30 minutes)
(approximately six hours)
  • Kanetsu Expressway, Hokuriku Expressway, noetsujidoshadokeiyoshi
  • Chuo Expressway, Nagano Expressway, Joshinetsu Expressway, Hokuriku Expressway, noetsujidoshadokeiyoshi

Express bus
(approximately nine hours 30 minutes)

  • [via Kanazawa] Arrival at from Shinjuku (directly) Nanao Station 1 coming and going a day
  • [via Toyama] Arrival at from Tokyo Station (directly) Nanao Station 1 coming and going a day

From the Nagoya area

(approximately three hours 30 minutes)
We change to Tokaido Shinkansen (getting off at Maibara Station), limited express "Shirasagi" (getting off at Kanazawa Station), Nanao Line
(approximately three hours 30 minutes)
Meishin Expressway Expressway, Tokai Hokuriku Expressway, noetsujidoshadokeiyoshi

From the Osaka area

(approximately three hours 50 minutes)
  • Limited express "Thunderbird" (directly)
  • We change to limited express "Thunderbird" (getting off at Kanazawa Station), Nanao Line
(approximately five hours)
Meishin Expressway Expressway, one and village forest coastal highway way of Hokuriku Expressway

From other areas

At Komatsu Airport, Tokyo (Haneda) flight, Narita service, Sapporo service, Sendai service, Fukuoka service, Naha service, Seoul service, Shanghai service, Taipei service goes into service.

Please use airport communication bus (outside site) from Komatsu Airport to JR Kanazawa Station.




Position section room: Sightseeing in industry department interchange section

Sodegaecho, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa i part 25

Phone number 0767-53-8424

Fax number: 0767-52-2812

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