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Update day: March 30, 2018

Flower, tree, bird, fish of city

March 25, 2014 establishment

It is said that way written on the cover is as follows.

Flower "rape" of city

Flower rape of city

  • The scene that yellow flower blooms in one side expresses kind heart and joy of seven people waiting for spring and is flower which deserves to be most though we express the richness of Satoyama and Satoumi of Nanao.
  • It will be flower which can breed a civic sense of unity from now on by protecting, and bringing up.

(photography place: Nakajimamachinakajima grounds)


Tree of city "pine"

Tree of city pine

  • We are seen in seven Satoyama and Satoumi widely and bring scenery of the calm sea and beautiful shore forest, blessing of mountain and are tree which has been got close to throughout the year.
  • We can know depth of the history and culture of Nanao by imaging "figure of pine wood screen" which Tohaku Hasegawa drew and are tree which can express thought that we loaded words in "hometown where culture is fragrant while boasting of old step" of citizens' charter with.

(photography place: Wakuramachi grounds)

Bird "gull" of city

Bird gull of city

  • Nanao crowding in the shore is people gathering and bird letting you image sense of cooperation.
  • Of "wave calmly hekiko ri" sung in Citizens' Charter and the sea which there is value scene, and is bird which deserves to be blue sky most though figure to dance expresses the rich village sea of Nanao.

(photography place: Kawajiricho grounds)

Fish "hachime" of city

Fish hachime of city

  • We inhabit seven sea areas throughout the year widely and are fish appropriate for expressing rich village Sea beautifully.
  • We root in food culture and are fish got close to as ground fish which seat of service such as festivals cannot miss.

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