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Update day: November 10, 2017

Action for ballistic missile fall

About action that you should take when ballistic missile may drop, we will tell citizen's everybody about information from the Cabinet Secretariat.

Action at the time of ballistic missile fall

  • Ballistic missile may arrive at before we do from discharge for only ten minutes.
  • When missile may fall to Japan, we utilize "J alert" and carry away message with special siren sound with outdoor speaker and will tell about emergency information by emergency breaking news emails.

If message flows, please act promptly calmly

[when in the outdoors]

  • We evacuate underground in building nearby.
    (attention) Firm building is desirable, but does not mind even other building near if possible if there is not.

[when there is not building]

  • We hide ourselves in shade or the ground can lie down and protects the head.

[when in indoor]

  • We are separated from window or move to cave.

When missile dropped near

  • When we are in the outdoors, we cover mouth and nose with handkerchief and leave the spot promptly and evacuate to the occlusive high room or windward.
  • When we are in indoor, we turn off ventilation fan and close window and we seal up and seal the room.

Communication training of J alert (national second warning system) is carried out every month

  • We carry out periodical communication training of J alert once a month from about 2:00 p.m. on fourth Wednesday.
  • This training performs communication by J alert using outdoor speakers to be perfect.


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